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Outstanding animation, music and nice story. I missed some voice acting, but maybe you'll make a full film one day with a sequel of this story and add it then. Otherwise the facial expression and the gesture tell us exactly what the protagonist are feeling, nice work :)

SteveRoberts responds:

I was thinking about adding voices while I was during the animatic stage of the project, (not as far as actual sentences, just sounds etc) but I recieved feedback during one of my presentations at uni that it worked nice without VA. Any future projects I'll do will probably have voices though, it'd be nice to try animating some lipsync. :) Cheers for the review!


Tales of the fading Tails. Sorry i had to write this :D

That was a very funny animation. As "TheRandomDot" below me says, i realised too that i am old xD (cause i also played Sonic 1, but on my Mastersystem)...

If you are planning on making a sequel, than please try to involve the Dr. Kintobor into the story and maybe the old Sonic is responsible for the change of the Doc into Robotnik (i know its another paradox, but it should be funny ;) )

Nice Trailer

I hope my comment will not be judged negative, that's not the intention.

The art was very good, on its own way.

There are some questions that came to my mind when i watched the trailer.
1. If he is infected and travels to the past, didn't he infect other people from the past too?
2. Why doesn't he know of the virus, if he holds a test-tube in his hand, is he a scientist?

The story is interesting, at first i thought it will be another zombie themed game, but then the time travel made it more interesting.

I just want to give a small hint. If you are planing to add time travel, where you can switch between timelines, then please make it very logical, otherwise people start to turn away from the game.
(Time Hollow is one example, at the end the time-travel device was passed from protagonist to the same protagonist and no origin of this device was mentioned , so i was a bit disappointed of this paradox.)

You should definitively add some more information or informative pictures (not too much for sure) to the trailer, cause it would match if you can see the "love" or some screens from the life of the protagonist before the accident with the virus takes place.

These are only my opinions.

Good luck with your project :)

UknownXL responds:

No I wont take the comment as negative. I love feedback and I take it to heart most of the time.
1. The virus he carries is not contagious. Only in certain people will it be able to spread. The way the virus spread is actually a surprise.
2. He is the scientist that develops the serum. Its not meant to harm anyone or give him the power he gains. Its all really an accident. And everything involving his loved one will be explained as the player travels back in time during the game. And in various segments.

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Nice game.

I like the design of the close gap jumps, this adds to the intensity of the run without beeing unfair.
The usage of the mouse is a nice touch with multitasking elements. Even though it is uncommon, it worked very well with your game.

Thanks for crediting my music. Nice to hear the songs in another setting and with different game play mechanics.

Great work, keep it up :)

Jhomas responds:

Thank you so much for the review & allowing your music to be used in games. Your tracks really fit the mood I was going for!

(ps I realized I hadn't credited you in the sidebar of the game, this is fixed now!)

I like the art style and the music of the game. The game play is ok in terms of platforming, but I found 2 problems which caused me to quit the game.

The control of the air jump does not feel right, instead I would have thought a double jump mid air would fit. I also didn't understood the arrow and Z button combination the first try.

The second levels difficulty level with the timing and the air jump is way too high. I suggest a level before where you introduce the time mechanics in a less difficult way and let the player practice the air jump a bit more, to get more comfortable.

I like the way the game is presented. Keep it up!

Sometimes you've got to risk everything to achieve new skills and overcome an sheer insovable task.

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Merry Christmas :D

Welcome back! Hope you can find some time to compose some nice new music pieces.

VideoGameManiac responds:

Thanks, yea I hope it wont take a year again xD

Beautiful piece. It sounds like it would fit perfectly into the world of "Monster Tale" for the DS. :D

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thank you! Someone else said this would be good title music for a game as well o.O

Happy New Year! Really good piece. I like the change of the pacing and the style variations very much. Good story telling through music :D, keep up the good work.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Sorry for the late response, but Happy New Year!
I like to vary different elements of my compositions, so I'm glad you like the result of that too!
Thank you for the review ^ ^

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Love the simple design. I would like to see a full game just with this style :D

RoseredTiger responds:

Thanks, I thought about that while making it ....
however I don't really have the means to play a game

Nice and fabulous work. Indeed, floating islands are very charming :)

Remarkably work. A lot of detail has been put inside. It will take me the whole day to find all characters xD

ScepterDPinoy responds:

Good Luck! You'll need it!

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